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What Being on Autopilot Means

Autopilot is at once both your archenemy and one of your greatest allies when it comes to building productive habits and controlling your actions, inactions, behaviour and overall performance in life. Consider this statistic; approximately 90% of your daily activities are unconscious habits. You wake up, get washed, brush your teeth, get dressed (habitually choose […]

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8 Quick CANDoables to Boost Self Confidence

At its most extreme, having confidence in what you’re doing is the difference between pooing a brick and feeling invincible but I hasten to repeat, that is at its most extreme! For the majority, having confidence in what they are doing is the difference between having Inner Imps such as Doubt and Fear who are […]

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5 Ways to Discipline your Self-Discipline

Have you ever met anyone you thought was the luckiest son of a XXXX in the world? Everything seems to come easily to this person. They appear to be gifted at some particular skill or everything they want in life magically materialises. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? These lucky ones often seem […]

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How to Build Good Habits

Although we’re all born with an innate skill for developing bad habits with ease, we often need a little help to get to grips with the “building good habits” life skill. The very fact that so many people clamour each New Year’s Eve to announce resolutions for the coming year is evidence enough that we’re […]

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Team You and your Inner Imps – Part 2 The Main Players

The list of Inner Imps that make up “Team You” is huge-ola and if they all got together at the same time, you’d have one heck of a party going on in your head and end up a complete mess-o-stress. The influence of Inner Imps waxes and wains at different points in our lives and […]

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Crash Diets and Healthy Life Skills

No matter  how much you wish your sweet-ass that a crash diet will work or some faddy eating system will have the ability produce miracles, they generally don’t. They don’t work because they’re just not designed to become a part of life for the long haul and invariably “lack” something – more often than not […]

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