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Keep Temptation Under Control Around Food

The hand is way up here because I’m one of the first to admit that improving my eating habits and generally living a healthier lifestyle ain’t easy. Before I was blessed with a family, my weight seemed to take care of itself naturally. Food rarely entered my mind until my stomach chirped up with a […]

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Kick Your Healthy Eating Skills in the Butt – Part 2

What we put into our bodies impacts on our lives in incredible ways. It effects behaviour, energy levels, physical fitness, confidence, self-image. It really is astounding. Take a moment and remind yourself of a few Food Facts that you’ve probably forgotten (or your self-discipline has stolen and hidden under the bed somewhere!). If you want […]

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Everyday Life Skills – Disciplining your Self-Discipline

Have you noticed a few things slipping here and there of late? Maybe you’ve put on a bit of weight, you’re staying up too late and getting overtired, missed a few of your gym sessions or you’re getting a bit behind with work or household activities? It could well be time to ask yourself whether […]

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Kick Your Healthy Eating Life Skills in the Butt – Part 1

When we came back from holiday last year, we were looking through some of the snaps and hubby and I both caught sight of some “rear” views. Now they say that it takes an unflattering photo from the rear to make some women start a diet or hit the gym and I think I was […]

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Getting Active and Moving More

I recently wrote an article in the CANDo Life Skills for Children section about how modern society’s increasingly sedentary life style is affecting our children. In reality, we have to face the fact that it’s not just the children. Adults too are suffering from obesity and health problems as a result of inactivity. Men’s jobs […]

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Food Facts Your Self-Discipline is Hiding From You

The food you put into your body affects you everyday of your life not just now but in the future. It contributes to you feeling grumpy, how your body stores fat, whether you crave and what you crave, whether you can concentrate, whether you feel tired or full of energy. It’s a vicious cycle. The more crap […]

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