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4 Reason to Cut Negative People Out of Your Life

Cutting someone from your life is a decision that no-one takes easily however it’s something we should all consider from time to time for the good of ourselves and our happiness in life. When I talk about toxic people, I mean the people who drag us down with their criticism, negative attitudes, frustrations about themselves or their personal […]

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How to Raise Kids with CANDo Attitude

I don’t know about you, but I really hope my kids grow up with the kind of kick-ass CANDo attitude that will help them go-get the life they want when they become adults. Whether they do end up CANDo go-getters will be down largely to me: 1) making sure they grow up feeling good about […]

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Keys to Boosting your Lady’s Confidence

Although women spend an inordinate amount on clothes and beauty products in a lifetime, it’s unsurprising to hear that it’s the things that don’t come with a galaxy-sized price tag that have the most impact on boosting our Inner Imp Self Esteem’s confidence. Here are a few CANDoables that will put a smile on your […]

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The Difference Between Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Two of the most frequent questions that arrive here at CANDo Life Skills are: Aren’t self esteem and self confidence the same thing? How can I improve my self esteem and become more confident? We regularly use the words self esteem and self confidence in our everyday lives, sadly however, we just as regularly use […]

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‘Tis The Season to Pass on Essential Life Skills

At this time of year, opportunities abound for passing on to your kids some of the most essential and time-honoured life skills of all, those of Compassion, Tolerance, Unselfishness, Teamwork and Social Confidence. If you’re stumped for ideas on how, being the CANDo type of people we are, we’ve come up with a Christmas selection […]

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