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Why Respect Elders?

We’re hell-bent on doing it our own way these days but there’s much to be said for the “listen to your elders” saying. Respect your elders and listen to them!  Not because they have all the answers and they’re always right, but because they’ve had more experiences of being wrong than you have… Just because […]

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Improve your Communication Skills

Do you sometimes feel that people don’t listening to you? Do you wish you could chat away to everyone with practiced ease? Is small talk your idea of a slow, painful death? There are those that are born naturals when it comes to communicating effectively and seem to be able to flap on to anyone […]

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How to Become A Better Parent

First off, go easy on yourself. You’re never going to be a perfect parent but, you can surprisingly easily become a better one. How? I hear you cry. The answer lies in taking the focus off your children. As with many things in life, it is sometimes necessary to take a step back before we […]

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The Value of Values

No one can deny that values and general behaviour in society are declining at an alarming rate. You only have to open a newspaper today or click on any media site on the internet to be bombarded with the latest on riots, violence, suicides, kids hurting kids, kids hurting teachers, bullying, robbery, violent and appalling […]

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The 10 Its of Teaching Respect to Children

Respect is sadly becoming a lost art. Many children aren’t being taught it because, quite frankly, their parents don’t show respect to anyone themselves. They cuss, they swear, they don’t respect their elders, need I rant further? Respect is one of the key values society needs to hang on to. Make sure you give it […]

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