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Keys to Boosting your Lady’s Confidence

Although women spend an inordinate amount on clothes and beauty products in a lifetime, it’s unsurprising to hear that it’s the things that don’t come with a galaxy-sized price tag that have the most impact on boosting our Inner Imp Self Esteem’s confidence. Here are a few CANDoables that will put a smile on your […]

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8 Quick CANDoables to Boost Self Confidence

At its most extreme, having confidence in what you’re doing is the difference between pooing a brick and feeling invincible but I hasten to repeat, that is at its most extreme! For the majority, having confidence in what they are doing is the difference between having Inner Imps such as Doubt and Fear who are […]

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How to Become Irresistible

Do you wish you were more attractive? Do you find yourself looking enviously at friends or strangers that seem to attract positive attention without even trying? More importantly, would you like to be able to do that too? Well, hello! It’s time to take a little look at YOU. What you’ve got, what you’ve not […]

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How to Take Compliments

Do you feel uncomfortable accepting compliments? Do they make you want to squirm, study your feet in great detail or simply giggle nervously while your brain frantically searches for something appropriate to say? It’s amazing how many people feel uncomfortable when they receive a compliment as opposed to having it do its job – that […]

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Physically Attractive in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

Please don’t go getting all upset with me on this one because I’m not suggesting we should all judge each other purely on the basis of attractiveness. What we shouldn’t stuff under the bed and try to ignore however, is that how attractive and appealing we feel as individuals impacts our lives enormously. When we […]

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