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How to Create Success by Being Focused

Today’s society has us flat out; bombarded with mostly useless information that eats into the precious amount of time we have each day. Just this morning, I was listening to a Podcast that suggests we receive (on average) over a hundred emails a day!! It’s no wonder we sometimes wish the world and the comments on it that […]

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How to Stop Waiting and Start Doing

Do you find yourself: Constantly waiting for the right moment?  Making a vow not to buy new clothes until you reach a certain weight? Waiting till the summer comes before you start a new exercise regime? We all do these things and sadly none of us should. The fact is that you really don’t need […]

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Are you Biding your Time or Procrastinating?

So, be honest here for a moment, are you biding your time (waiting for the right moment) or procrastinating?  Now get even more honest, and ask yourself if you even understand the difference between the two. The truth of the matter is, there’s a big difference between getting on and doing what you CANDo at […]

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7 CANDoables to Improve your Life Now!

There’s really is no time like the present when it comes to being a CANDo get-up and go-goer so today, we’re gonna give your CANDo attitude a little kick up the butt. It’s one of life’s universal truths (yes, I’ve read my Pride and Prejudice copious amounts of times too), that oftentimes a few small […]

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Tips on How to Achieve your Goals

As a child, did you have a list of things you wanted to do/be when you grew up? How many of those things have you done/achieved? With goals, are you continually tempted to put things off with a “There’ll be plenty of time for that later.” We all have – or should have – goals […]

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