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CANDo Journal – The Key to a New You

In so many of the articles and CANDoable activities I write and the Inner Imp Thinking Series of eBooks, I recommend jotting down notes, making lists of goals, writing down your feelings, etc., etc. – it’s invariably one of the first steps I suggest. Because plotting where you are and where you want to be is such […]

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The Secret to Happiness

Happiness won’t always come your way when you patiently wait for it. Sometimes you need to make life happen. You may not like to hear this, but it is most certainly the truth as far as your happiness is concerned. Sure, life will lob you a few sweet moments when everything appears to fall in your […]

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The Truth About Honesty

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” – Gloria Steinhem Nobody likes to hear the truth, be it me, you, your parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, the leaders of big business or even countries. It is for this reason it is so uncomfortable for us to really listen to our […]

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9 Life Skills that Boost Personal Success

Whether it’s acquiring a new skill, achieving a personal sports record, getting fit, overcoming a serious illness or traumatic event, coping with unemployment or simply making it through the day with a positive outlook, we ALL have things in our life we deem important for us to achieve.  These things are our Personal Achievements the personal […]

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Stop Making Excuses

Do you tend to make excuses for why you haven’t achieved something or completed a task you ought to have completed?  You’re not alone. Making excuses is a relatively common condition.  Many people dress it up as a reason or a basis for not doing something that isn’t appealing to them.  The more success they […]

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Think We’re Making Progress on Saving the Environment?

A kick-ass CANDoer of ours on Facebook posted this recently. It highlights so many “good” life skills that have been swept aside by “progress”, I felt compelled to post it on the site. Reading this, I can’t help but wonder whether we’ve completely lost touch with our Inner Honesty Imps about what it means to […]

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Life Skills – How to Focus Better

Do you find you have great new ideas but never seem to find the time/energy/courage to do anything about them? What about your goals? Do you find you’re often so busy reacting to life, you simply don’t have the time to actively direct it and achieve the goals you set? If a big YES is […]

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Life Skills – Honesty and Integrity

Are you a Honest with yourself and other people? Do you tell it how it is or are you too concerned that people might not like you if you tell them what you really think? What about your Integrity? Are you honest with yourself or do you “blame” others for what’s wrong in your life? […]

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5 Ways to Discipline your Self-Discipline

Have you ever met anyone you thought was the luckiest son of a XXXX in the world? Everything seems to come easily to this person. They appear to be gifted at some particular skill or everything they want in life magically materialises. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? These lucky ones often seem […]

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How to Give Compliments

A couple of days ago we gave some tips on how to receive compliments, but giving compliments is an equally important life skills to develop. Do you avoid giving compliments because you feel awkward, embarrassed or simply can’t think of anything to say to compliment or flatter a friend? Do you feel your compliments always […]

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