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What to Look for in a Mentor

Studies show that the majority of people out there that have succeeded in life had a mentor of some sort; someone that has been there and done it and is happy to share that experience to help another overcome the stumbling stones in their own path. But mentors aren’t just for rich, famous and business entrepreneurs making […]

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4 Reason to Cut Negative People Out of Your Life

Cutting someone from your life is a decision that no-one takes easily however it’s something we should all consider from time to time for the good of ourselves and our happiness in life. When I talk about toxic people, I mean the people who drag us down with their criticism, negative attitudes, frustrations about themselves or their personal […]

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Think We’re Making Progress on Saving the Environment?

A kick-ass CANDoer of ours on Facebook posted this recently. It highlights so many “good” life skills that have been swept aside by “progress”, I felt compelled to post it on the site. Reading this, I can’t help but wonder whether we’ve completely lost touch with our Inner Honesty Imps about what it means to […]

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CANDo Guide to Dealing with Criticism

I’ve got more bristles than a hedgehog and I’m the first to admit it. Someone’s only got to suggest something in a critical way and those varmints are up and at ‘em, standing to attention and setting off the alarm clocks of all my sleeping inner imps, whether it’s Doubt, Self-Defence, Self-Confidence… It’s truly amazing […]

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10 Life Skills You’ll Need to Succeed

If you want to get ahead in life there are a handful of life skills you’re going to want to make sure you keep in tipity-top condition: A Positive Attitude – if you’ve got this, you’ll find it a whole lot easier to master the rest. Confidence/Courage – believe in yourself and what you want […]

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