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CANDo Journal – The Key to a New You

In so many of the articles and CANDoable activities I write and the Inner Imp Thinking Series of eBooks, I recommend jotting down notes, making lists of goals, writing down your feelings, etc., etc. – it’s invariably one of the first steps I suggest. Because plotting where you are and where you want to be is such […]

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The Goal of your Inner Imps’ Self-Talk

Your Imps want to help you indulge in pleasurable activities as much of the time as you can. They do this because you, and they, get a comfy, cosy pleasure hit regardless of whether the activity is right or appropriate for you indulge in at that particular time. For Example: Laziness loves to lounge on […]

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How Accepting Life is Crap Sometimes Can Help?

CANDo Life Skills and the Inner Imp Thinking Series often takes a really down-to-earth approach that sometimes come across as in-your-face. Make no mistake; this is deliberate! I opted for this approach because, quite frankly, the world has gone mad on being too understanding and sympathetic. We have developed this alarming habit of running off […]

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Help your Courage Find his Cojones

Are you always telling yourself “This’ll never work?” Does Fear stop you from go-getting what you want in life? Do you behave in the right way, even when it’s tough? Frankly, is your Inner Imp Courage a coward? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then the chances are your Inner Imp […]

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How to Behave Appropriately When You Are Angry

Everyone gets mad and the level of anger we succumb to can range from slightly irritated through to a full-blown hissy fit. Often, our anger makes those around us feel uncomfortable. Because of this, although you are entitled to feel your anger, it is imperative the way you express it (your behaviour) goes through some […]

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How to Stop Taking Things Personally

One sure fire tip for improving your communications and relationships with other people is to “stop taking things personally”. I saw a video article in the Daily Mail recently about a young man on a skateboard who accidentally knocked over a young 4-5 year old boy (the whole incident was caught on camera). He immediately […]

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The Power of Choice

Relationships have an extraordinary knack for playing havoc with our emotions. Whether it’s an interaction with a loved one, our boss or even a complete stranger, there seems to be some unseen power with the ability to make us sad, fearful, doubtful, angry or elated: the whole gamut of emotions is there. Often we’re left […]

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Improving your Emotional Control

Our Inner Imps have a horrible habit of stirring themselves up at the drop of a hat. In all honesty, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you have no control whatsoever over your emotions because these little devils have got things wrapped around their little fingers. Fear has you afraid of the post in case […]

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Developing a So What Mentality!

There are times when we all have doubts. Our Inner Imp Fear has all his light flashing neon in a don’t-even-go-there kinda way, Doubt has a doubtful answer for any positive you can come up with and all your other Inner Imp Hellions are intent on having you stay at home, avoid making waves by […]

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Dealing with Jealousy and Envy

Jealousy. This little green-eyed-monster of an Inner Imp lives inside all of us. Most of us try and hide him though. We often even lie about his existence. The thing is, we shouldn’t. Jealousy’s envy is nothing to be ashamed of. Jealousy is an average, run-of-the-mill Inner Imp and it’s normal for your average human […]

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