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4 Reason to Cut Negative People Out of Your Life

Cutting someone from your life is a decision that no-one takes easily however it’s something we should all consider from time to time for the good of ourselves and our happiness in life. When I talk about toxic people, I mean the people who drag us down with their criticism, negative attitudes, frustrations about themselves or their personal […]

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Stop Feeling & Start Doing

I’m not much of a television watcher but last night I was persuaded to watch “The Iron Lady” about Margaret Thatcher. “Dull viewing” many may think while others may feel the need to supress the shudder that rapidly works it’s way down their spine. Whatever you may have thought or think of her now though, […]

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Improve your Relationship Life Skills

Fed up with the kids? Mother-in-law driving you insane? What about your boss or is it your partner that inhabits a different planet? It’s impossible to live without having relationships of varying types; they come as a given in life and it’s one those little things we all just have to get on with. Most of […]

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