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Think We’re Making Progress on Saving the Environment?

A kick-ass CANDoer of ours on Facebook posted this recently. It highlights so many “good” life skills that have been swept aside by “progress”, I felt compelled to post it on the site. Reading this, I can’t help but wonder whether we’ve completely lost touch with our Inner Honesty Imps about what it means to […]

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Learning to Let Go

Are you doing too much for your child/partner/family? Are you fed up of picking up after everyone, finishing unfinished chores or redoing badly done things? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself whether you’re doing too much and take a look at your “Letting Go” Life Skills. Your kids’ rooms look like bombs have exploded – […]

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Life Skills – Honesty and Integrity

Are you a Honest with yourself and other people? Do you tell it how it is or are you too concerned that people might not like you if you tell them what you really think? What about your Integrity? Are you honest with yourself or do you “blame” others for what’s wrong in your life? […]

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