Why YOU Need To Meet Your Inner Imps

Everyone has Inner Imps – a conscience, inner self-talk, voices, feelings, guides – whatever you want to call them, they exist. Their role is to guide “Team You” to:

  • Success
  • Failure or, worse case scenario
  • Soul-destroying inactivity

This inner self-talk is constant and often sub-conscious. Most people are unaware of its manic and continual nature. Not only are they unaware of it they are (tragically) often oblivious of its potentially positive and/or negative impact on our lives.

Do you frequently hear yourself saying any of these things?

“I hate my job.”
“I can’t stick at anything.”
“I’m too tired now, I’ll do it tomorrow.”
“I’m simply not a lucky person. Things just don’t go right for me?”
“Why me?”
“When I have X I’ll do Y.”
“It won’t matter just this once.”
“I don’t know; it looks like a lot of work/a bit risky so why bother?”
“I’ll never achieve that. It’s a pipe-dream so why bother?”
“It’s all XXXX’s fault!”

If you answered yes then Inner Imp Thinking provides a probable explanation as to why… YOUR Inner Imps.

If you:

  • are in a work slump,
  • have spent the last few years yo-yo dieting,
  • are unfit,
  • vaguely lament never having done this or that,
  • are quick to blame others for all the crappy things in your life, or
  • have fallen out with Will Power in a major way

… the chances are your Inner Imps aren’t performing effectively.

Perhaps you have lived until now in complete ignorance of their existence.

Maybe you are aware something goes on in your head but never paid much attention to it.

The time has come to find out just who these mischief makers are and how they either support or sabotage your life because one of the reasons why so many of the things highlighted above happen and your life isn’t happier or more successful, is because your Inner Imps (the voices that make up your self-talk) are in control of your actions, inactions and behaviour, not YOU.

CANDo Life Skills aims to redress that balance and help you change your thoughts from negative to positive with Inner Imp Thinking.

Inner Imp Thinking breaks your self-talk into easily identifiable, more manageable elements/characters (Inner Imps) to:

  • Identify individual Inner Imps.
  • Acquaint you with the role each Imp plays in your life.
  • Highlight the power each Imp wields to influence how you think (and, through that, your actions, inactions, behaviour, etc.).
  • Kick-start your ability to control your Imps (and therefore life) more effectively.

Are you ready to make some new friends who could help you turn your life around?

Click Here and “Meet Your Inner Imps”

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