Who or What Are Inner Imps?

YOU, along with everyone else on the planet, have Inner Imps – a conscience, inner self-talk, voices, feelings, guides, however you like to refer to them is irrelevant. The only thing that is non-negotiable is your need to accept that they are there.

Psychologists refer to their constant chatter as “self-talk”, but here at CANDo LifeSkills they have been given the moniker Inner Imps.

Inner Imps live, perhaps unsurprisingly, inside your head and they are opinionated with a CAPITAL “O”.

As in many a good story, there are two “factions” that make up your Inner Imps.

Inner Imp Hellions – their aim is simple; to take care of you, even if this means you miss out on the many great opportunities life has to offer. They often inadvertently sabotage your efforts in life.

Inner Imp Heroes – who hold the responsibility for encouraging you to do the right thing. When you are umming and ahhing, it is these Inner Imps who tend to encourage you to try and make the best of what you have, improve your lot, motivate you or nudge you to do your Must-Do’s before you do your Want-To’s in life.

If your Inner Imp Hellions hold too much sway over your self-talk and consistently drown out your Inner Imp Heroes, you’ll find them sabotaging all your best efforts to achieve goals and make improvements in your life.

If your Inner Imp Heroes lack stamina and the confidence to shout loud enough to be heard over the cacophony of your Hellions, you’ll find you lack the oomph necessary to go for your goals, make the right choices and ultimately do what is best for you.

Inner Imp Thinking identifies the core players in both factions and gives them easily recognisable noms de guerre: names like Self-Discipline, Doubt, Fear, Laziness, Temptation, Honesty and Courage. Simply by sticking labels on the intangible inner voices and thoughts that are your Inner Imps, Inner Imp Thinking makes it easier for you to recognise them and single-out the trouble-makers among the constant babble of craaazy inner self-talk.

If you are ready to make some new friends who could help you turn your life around, Click Here and “Meet Your Inner Imps”

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