What is Self-Talk?

As you go about your daily life, you constantly think about, interpret and make remarks on the situations you find yourself in. This constant stream is referred to by psychologists as “self-talk”.

Your self-talk can be neutral, positive or negative.

Neutral – these remarks will be common place and perfectly reasonable, such as “You must ring Mum”, or “Spaghetti for dinner tonight would be good.”, or “It’ll be great to spend some quality time with the kids (or get away from the kids) this weekend”.

Positive – includes remarks such as “I CANDo this”, “This is hard but I’ll push on for just a bit longer” or “I could get a better job if I maybe studied something new”.

Negative – is self-sabotaging and encompasses remarks such as “You’re such an idiot.”, or “Oh, that’s just great… here comes yet another curve ball life’s decided to lob at me to deal with.”

If the neutral, positive and negative self-talk that goes on between the Inner Imps in your head is unbalanced you will find yourself unconsciously listening to negative, sabotaging and, often, defeatist pronouncements rather than practical, optimistic ideas that have the potential to improve your lot in life.

This subconsciously self-talk drives the everyday choices you make in terms of the actions and inactions you take and the behaviour your indulge in.

Often, simply becoming more aware of the remarks you are making to yourself internally and dismissing the negative while concentrating on the positive can provide you with the motivation to choose more appropriate, productive activities and behaviour.

If you would like to know more about how to recognise and isolate the negative from the positive and make use of your self-talk to improve your chances of success in life, “Meet your Inner Imps” can help. It provides a unique look at what makes up your self-talk and how to think more positively and therefore better control it. It also offers a range of CANDoable activities designed to help you tame your craaazy self-talk and, through that, learn how to change your life from negative to positive.

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