The Secret to Happiness

Happiness won’t always come your way when you patiently wait for it. Sometimes you need to make life happen.

You may not like to hear this, but itĀ is most certainly the truth as far as your happiness is concerned.

Sure, life will lob you a few sweet moments when everything appears to fall in your lap with little or no effort, but the majority of the happiness that comes your way in life is what you have managed to squeeze out of it.

Mini CANDoable

  • Get in touch with your Inner Imp Honesty and find the courage to accept this home truth.
  • Work on achieving a good balance between all the Inner Imps that are choreographicing your action, inactions and performance in life.
  • Open your arms and welcome more of that all illusive happiness, which is more likely to shine favourably on you as a result of your efforts.

Just making the conscious decision to proactively seek out ways to be happierĀ can often provide you with the well-needed shot in the arm to go forth and make things happen.

If you’re ready to make that decision and take back control of your life and therefore your happiness, check out some of the exclusive free CANDoables in our Members Only Area or Meet Your Inner Imps and master your self talk on

Whatever you do, do something today towards squeezing a little more happiness and success out of life for yourself… you deserve it.

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