The Role Self-Talk Plays in Your Life

The craaazy self-talk of your Inner Imps can, and often does, wreak absolute havoc.

Their influence and ability to control your thoughts (your inner negative and positive self-talk) is one of the major contributors towards your behaviour, opinions, actions, inactions and overall performance in life.

Their feelings and beliefs form a core part of your character and personality and help determine how you make use of your skills and the many and varied opportunities life offers you.

Your Inner Imps have the ability to either support or sabotage the majority of areas of your life. Their sway is why you maybe feel you:

  • lack what you think you ought to have,
  • lack the will power and self-discipline to stick plans,
  • have given up going for your goals or dreams in life
  • fail to summon up the energy or motivation to make changes you know could make a huge difference to your life.

If you find you:

  • blame others for things you don’t have that you would like,
  • aren’t as fit and healthy as you could be,
  • lurch from one disaster to the next in life, and/or
  • simply aren’t living the life you imagined you would when you were a child,

… it’s probably down to your Inner Imps.

Inner Imps are like a pack of mischievous urchins. Some are hellions and fun-loving rascals, while others are heroic cherubs and little goodie-two-shoes. Whatever side they are on, ALL of them are important and have their role to play in making “Team You” and your life happy and successful.

If you are ready to make some new friends who could help you turn your life around, Come and “Meet Your Inner Imps”

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