The Goal of your Inner Imps’ Self-Talk

Your Imps want to help you indulge in pleasurable activities as much of the time as you can. They do this because you, and they, get a comfy, cosy pleasure hit regardless of whether the activity is right or appropriate for you indulge in at that particular time.

For Example:
Laziness loves to lounge on the sofa with a passable film (to be honest there are times when even a string of really crap advertisements suffices) eating his favourite take out and will enlist the help of Temptation to persuade you do it. Laziness does this because he truly believes this is where you will be happiest and the most comfortable. It doesn’t matter to him that:

  • you shouldn’t eat take out because you are on a diet,
  • your plan was to start that exercise class tonight,
  • you should practice piano if you ever want to play it properly,
  • you ought to be somewhere else, or
  • you know it is ten-thirty already and if you don’t hit the sack NOW you will be grumpy and half dead at work tomorrow, which will get you in trouble with your boss… again.

Your Inner Imps also want to protect you. They want to shield you from any potential threat that could harm you in some way and thus make you feel bad – even if it is nothing more than the unease associated with the unknown or the risk involved is nominal.

For Example:
Your Inner Imp Fear doesn’t want you to fail and therefore have to experience the physical and/or emotional discomfort that tends to accompany failure. Consequently, whenever you are faced with an opportunity for a new experience or the prospect of change in your life, e.g. applying for a new job, kicking a bad habit, learning a new skill, etc., Fear will team up with Doubt to point out with icy, ruthless calm all the scenarios for what could potentially go wrong. He will dredge up your past failures, your parents’ experiences, facts from some obscure article you read in the newspaper way back, even examples of what happened to the first cousin once removed of a neighbour’s, daughter’s, mother-in-law’s, first cousin once removed by marriage in Papua New Guinea… BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN BORN! He will magnify the tiniest molehill into the biggest obstacle he and Doubt can conjure up in his bid to stop you from scrambling over the wall of your comfort zone into a place full of unknown risk. One can’t deny this is noble of him of course, BUT it will blow up in your face because Fear knows no bounds. He will shove obstacles in your path even when leaving the safety of your comfort zone for the experience or to make the change has the potential to improve your life greatly.

This are just two examples of how the kind-heartedness of your Inner Imp Hellions backfires. Their quest to create a life for you of pure pleasure with no pain dooms you to failure. It fails because, without you taking a conscious, and therefore leading, role in managing them, the naturally more extrovert and emotionally pessimistic Inner Imp Hellions easily take over and quickly gain more air-time at that damned internal microphone of yours.

If you want to move the obstacles in your life, your first step is to “Meet your Inner Imps”, learn to tame them and master their chatter.

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