Stop Making Excuses

Do you tend to make excuses for why you haven’t achieved something or completed a task you ought to have completed?  You’re not alone.

Making excuses is a relatively common condition.  Many people dress it up as a reason or a basis for not doing something that isn’t appealing to them.  The more success they achieve at avoiding the risk of failure or having to make an effort with something, the more reasons they come up.  Before they know it, the reasons start to make sense to them and reason making becomes a habit.  Whatever they are, at the end of the day, they are still nothing more than excuses.

If you’re serious about being a CANDo get-up and goer with the life you want, it’s time for this habit of excuse making to stop and this is eminently CANDoable.  Follow a few CANDo CANDoables and you’ll soon be changing your CAN’TBe-ass-too into a CANDo and HAVEDone.


  • Admit to yourself that you’re making excuses – simple as that.  Grab your Inner Imp Honesty and face the fact that you’re an excuse maker.
  • Take responsibility for yourself.  It isn’t outside forces: stop being paranoid and blaming others.  You are responsible for your life and the things you do or don’t do with your life.
  • Commit yourself to something and then do it.  Come up with a plan and make a promise to yourself to get the job done.
  • Quit complaining and just do it already.  Constantly criticising the way others are doing things when you’re not doing it any better yourself does not make you better.  Quit grumbling and show ‘em how it’s done.
  • Quit complaining part two! Lose the negative internal monologue from your Inner Imps Fear, Doubt, Laziness et al.  Tell them, quite categorically you CANDo it and you will do it!
  • Say what needs to be said and then shut up.  If you’ve not done something you ought to have done, admit it.  Apologise and then shut up.  There really is no need to back your failure to do something up with a lame excuse no matter how reasonable you’ve managed to convince yourself the excuse is.  You didn’t do the job and that’s that.
  • Do something.  It can be anything but make a start and DO something.  Come up with a short term goal and do it.  By achieving a few easy-peasy goals, you’re Inner Imps will have a huge boost and be more than a little tempted to push you on to go and achieve bigger and better goals.

It’s your life, go live it, do what needs to be done and STOP making EXCUSES!

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