Practical Uses for Coca-Cola

Run out of toilet cleaner?

Feeling sick and in need of an antidote?

How about descaling your kettle?

Have a coke break, minus the gorgeous hunk that went with it in the diet-coke adverts of course (unless you’re lucky enough to have that kind of a partner!!).  If you’re in a pickle as far as some of your house cleaning is concerned, check out the CANDoables below and see if coca-cola can’t come to the rescue.

  1. Want a clean toilet?  Forget all those expensive toilet cleaners.  Simply grab a bottle of coke and whack it down the pan, leave it overnight to work its magic, flush and bam… sparkly toilet!  Not quite as good as the conventional stuff but, heroic in an emergency.
  2. Remove grease and blood stains from clothing.  Not perfect results, but certainly shifts a lot of them.
  3. Got a rusty screw that doesn’t want to budge?  Pour on a little coke and watch that rust fizzle.
  4. Kettle looking a little fuzzy?  Pour in some coke, leave to soak and rinse the calc away.
  5. Feeling sick?  Drink a teaspoon of flat coke every half hour or so and it’ll help cure it.
  6. Garden infested with slugs and snails?  Leave out a small bowl of coke; they’ll be attracted to the taste and the acid in it kills them, apparently.
  7. Dried bugs and bird doo-doo on your windscreen? Pour a can of coke on it, leave for a few minutes, then rinse.
  8. Look after your pennies.  Leave them to soak in coke to remove the tarnish; they’ll be as shiny as new pennies.
  9. Add it to your fav’ tipple – by far my favourite use for coca-cola!
  10. Go for it straight from the can.

Eww though! If it does that to the toilet et al, just think what it’s doing to your insides when you drink it!  Just to set your mind at rest, the acidity levels of coke are far less than those of your stomach acids so, cheers (within moderation of course!)


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