One Big Reason to Dig a Little Deeper and Persevere

Not much rocket science behind this one, but it’ll certainly put a rocket up ya bum if you remind yourself of it once in a while.

Anything you stick at (persevere with) will eventually get done.

  • If you stick to your diet, you WILL lose that weight.
  • If you stick to your plan, you WILL reach your goal.
  • If you stick to your guns and don’t smoke that cigarette, you WILL give up smoking.
  • If you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions, you WILL achieve them.
  • If you stick to your savings plan, you WILL get what you’re saving for.
  • If you stick to….

This one’s so powerful, I’m going to repeat it.

Anything you stick at (persevere with) WILL eventually get done.

Grab your Inner Imps Self-Discipline and Perseverance and stick with it to achieve your goals!

I love to hear from subscribers.  What was the last thing you stuck at and achieved?  Drop me a message on Facebook to shout about your achievement to help show others that sticking with it really does achieve results.


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