Kick Your Healthy Eating Skills in the Butt – Part 2

What we put into our bodies impacts on our lives in incredible ways. It effects behaviour, energy levels, physical fitness, confidence, self-image. It really is astounding. Take a moment and remind yourself of a few Food Facts that you’ve probably forgotten (or your self-discipline has stolen and hidden under the bed somewhere!).

If you want to eat well, you have to start making healthier food choices. It doesn’t mean diet, it doesn’t mean denial. It just means fewer processed and excessively fatty foods and more of the fresh stuff.

Tip 1 – Keep a Food Diary for a Week

Write down everything you eat and drink from dawn ’till whatever time you finally hit the sack. Be honest. Be sure to write down the number of calories in the food you eat too.

Tally up the daily calories, then the week’s calories. Compare it to what a person your gender/age/size, etc., needs in a day.

Tip 2 – Create a Week’s Menu Plan Using the Meals in your Food Diary from Tip 1

Include all the snacks and drinks you had, puddings, everything. I know it sounds ridiculous as it’s the unhealthy stuff that you’ve probably written down but please bear with me. The idea is that you need to do things bit by bit and trick your naughty old self-discipline in any way you can into believing that everything is as it was.

Once you’ve got your Menu Plan. Take a really good look at it and substitute. I don’t know what your menu plan looks like but here are a few substitution ideas we came up with for some of our family favourites.

Can you see where we are going with this? It’s amazing how many calories you can save with simple substitutes that don’t impact on flavour. Go lean but don’t go mean. Reduce your complex carbs like bread, pasta and potatoes slightly and increase your vegetables a bit. Rework your favourites so they’re still your favourites.

If a fast food meal’s on your list be honest, do you want to eat healthily or not? If yes,  give you self-discipline a slap and curtail it to once a month.

Tip 3 – Buy and Prepare Fresh Vegetable Nibbles

Prepare a box of fresh vegetable nibbles every other day. Carrots, Red and Green Peppers, Cucumber, Olives (whatever floats your boat). Keep them in the refrigerator and take them out for a snack as you need them. If it’s there and ready you’re more likely to eat it.

Tip 4 – Have Sweets

Clear out most of the crap if you can but keep some sweets and chocolates in the house. Be sure they show how many calories in each and limit them. I love hard boiled lollipops. They last long enough to help me get over a sugar craving and the ones I buy are just 38 calories a shot.

Tip 5 – Fizzy Drink Substitutes

If you must have fizzy drinks, go for diet ones. Better still, cut out the unhealthily chemicals and go for super cold fizzy mineral water and add a dash of lemon, orange or apple juice. It gives you the same feeling but is much healthier.

Tip 6 – Take It Slow

One of the reasons we often fail with diets or healthy eating plans is that we begin to feel deprived and this makes us crave what we’ve been denying ourselves. Don’t deny yourself and make yourself feel that you can’t have something, limit it.

Tip 7 – Have a Quiet Word with Your Self-Discipline

Improving your life skills and changing habits takes effort so have a word with yourself.

Eating a balance of foods isn’t rocket science, it’s self-discipline. Resist gluttony and except that some should be everyday foods and some occasional.

Have you had success in implementing a healthier eating plan we’d love to hear about it. Let us know how you did it by CANDO email. Or leave a comment below.

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