Keep Temptation Under Control Around Food

The hand is way up here because I’m one of the first to admit that improving my eating habits and generally living a healthier lifestyle ain’t easy.

Before I was blessed with a family, my weight seemed to take care of itself naturally. Food rarely entered my mind until my stomach chirped up with a hungry rumble and so, I ate when I was hungry and not because it was a preordained breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

Now, as the shopper and chef of a family, I feel as though the buying, cooking and serving up of food is permanently at the forefront of my mind. It’s not there because I want it, but because I need to plan ahead what to cook, buy, prepare and then be continually reminded about it via remarks throughout the day such as:

  •  “What’s for supper/breakfast/lunch”;
  • “Shall I lay the table?”;
  • “Mama, I’m hungry!” ;
  • “Can we have chips?”; or my own
  • “What shall I make for dinner?” ; or
  • “When will be the best time in my schedule to cook… for everyone else.?”.

Because I am now constantly surrounded by and reminded about food, I think about it more and, consequently, I eat it more. I now eat not because I’m in tune with my body and it’s telling me I’m hungry. I eat because:

  • it’s a mealtime;
  • everyone else is eating;
  • it’s smells good as I’m preparing it;
  • I need to set a good example, etc., etc.

If you’re the family shopper and preparer in your house, I suspect you know where I’m coming from.

Keeping my Inner Imp Temptation under control under these circumstances is difficult but here are a few mini-CANDoables that are helping me stay on track.


I try not to deny him. The minute something is forbidden, I want it with a passion. So, I give him a little BUT in moderation. I also savour every bite of that little (this doesn’t work for everyone but it’s a winner for me).


I have figured out what regularly tempts the little blighter and invented a few stay-in-control strategies to try and help me avoid or survive these moments. Intrigued how? Check out the free Healthy Life Skills CANDoable – Beat Temptation: Discover your Food Triggers.


I consciously remind myself why going without it is a good thing, for example:

  • “I need to lose a few kilos or I’ll pay for it medically”;
  • “I want to fit in those trousers again” ; or
  • “If I eat a healthier alternative, I’ll have more energy”.

You know the deal. The reason “why” is different for everyone, the point is to make sure you constantly remind yourself of the reason.

I hope you find something in one of these mini-CANDoables that might help. If not, how do you resist Temptation when he starts acting?

The Healthy Life Skills CANDoable – Beat Temptation: Discover your Food Triggers is just one of the many free CANDoable Activities I’ve designed to help me improve my own life skills and teach essential, healthy life skills to my children. There’s a whole heap of them that range across many areas of life and they get results so, why not see if there’s something for you?

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