Improving your Emotional Control

Our Inner Imps have a horrible habit of stirring themselves up at the drop of a hat. In all honesty, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you have no control whatsoever over your emotions because these little devils have got things wrapped around their little fingers.

Fear has you afraid of the post in case it brings bad news; Doubt gets all wobbly-kneed if someone’s opinion differs to yours; and Courage either immediately deserts his post or takes an offensive position and encourages Self-Defence to yell obscenities, if someone criticises something you’ve done.

Once our Inner Imps have us totally overloaded by their responses, we generally start “reacting”.  Often finishing up shouting, crying, energetically justifying, ignoring or even physically letting out frustrations – self control has been lost.

Worry not, my fellow CANDoer; you have more emotional control than you suppose and can easily strengthen and improve your emotional intelligence, and therefore self control, in a variety of ways.

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Emotional Intelligence – Get to Know your Touch-Papers

Life can be very emotional: a veritable roller-coaster. As individuals, we all have different “touch-papers” that light our Inner Imps up like fireworks. For example, my Inner Imps are really agitated if I feel I’m being ignored and Doubt generally receives way too much airtime in my head when I’m being given advice, which makes me feel criticised. Just these two “triggers” alone impact hugely on how I react in certain situations and I’m still learning how to “consciously” control the pair of them to reduce negative, knee-jerk reactions.

Take time this week to identify and jot down at least two of your own “touch-papers”: does Doubt bang on and have you feeling unsure of your decisions; or is it perhaps Self-Defence that’s a little too sensitive and has you feeling ill-treated if you’re ignored or someone contradicts your opinion? Over the coming week or two, stay alert to these one or two particular feelings; recognise them for what they are when they put in an appearance; have a think about any experiences that may be behind these feelings; and make a purposeful effort to control your reactions in a positive way.

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If you’ve the time to drop me an email or leave a comment below about your “touch-papers” and how you’ve got on identifying and making the effort to control them, I’d love to hear from you.

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