Improve Learning Skills – What Type of Learner are You?

Just because school’s out when we reach adulthood, doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels and do zip on the learning front afterwards. Society changes, technology changes in fact, just about everything in life changes.

One of the qualities I’ve often observed in truly successful people is their willingness to keep learning in order to keep up and adapt to their changing world.

As a young adult, I quickly discovered that my greatest successes came from learning new stuff. Pushing myself when I really didn’t have to brought me results. I quickly developed a CANDo attitude to continually expand my mind through reading, evening classes, documentaries, etc. The more I did the more successful I became. My success is mediocre in comparison to some but it was, and still is, enough to keep me continually striving for more.

Initially, I thought I was pretty crap at learning and nearly gave up. Discovering what sort of learner I was helped motivate me to keep going. It gave me valuable hints and ideas about how to make learning fun for me personally and ensure it was worth the effort because what I learned stuck in my head and had the chance to contribute to my success. Discovering what sort of learner you are could help you to discover ways to improve your learning skills and make it fun to.

There are three main types of learner:

Visual Learner (learns by seeing and observing)

Visual learners are likely to remember faces but forget names; take notes and write things down; plan in advance and organise their thoughts by writing them down.

Visual learners learn well when they have the chance to draw and paints things; learn with visual flash cards; use lots of diagrams, maps and charts; use visual objects to grasp abstract ideas.

Verbal or Auditory Learner (learns via hearing)

Verbal learners are likely to remember names but forget faces; talk through their problems; listen but be impatient to talk; use long and often repetitive descriptions.

Verbal learners learn well when they have the chance to talk things through with someone, listen to lots of storytelling, make audio tapes of things to learn; play games like “Memory” to develop their visual memory.

Kinesthetic Learner (learns by doing, having a physical interaction with the subject)

Kinesthetic, or physical, learners will remember things more easily if they DO something; they attack problems by doing things; are often impulsive; gesticulate when they speak; aren’t great listeners; often come up with answers or solutions that will involve huge amounts of activity.

Kinesthetic learners work well by writing things on white boards; using objects for mathematical problems; physically moving or using their whole body, like clapping hands or hopping, to learn things by rote.

There are quite a few quizzes and tests available online that can help you work out what kind of learner you are and it could make learning much more fun and effective for you.
The limits in your life are often set by yourself and your willingness to simply keep learning and pushing yourself forward.
What inventive ways have you come up with to make learning fun and effective for you? We’d love a CANDo email or simply leave a comment.


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