How your Self-Talk Influences You

Your Inner Imp’s influence you through your inner thoughts in the form or negative self-talk and positive self-talk.

Whether you are bitten by a sudden urge to learn something new, change a habit or push yourself to do something you are afraid of – or perhaps verges just slightly on the strenuous and would mean stepping out of your comfort zone – your Inner Imps give you the benefit of their somewhat “biased” experience with comments such as:

A cautionary, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you; it’ll be difficult and in all likelihood you’ll fail/get sacked/fall/hurt yourself/make a fool of yourself/get laughed at.” – Fear


A tempting; “Go on, you know you want to; it’ll feel SO good.” – Temptation


A more positive, “Yes! Let’s do this because we know you can.” – CANDo Attitude and Positive Thinking

Do any of these sound familiar?

Deep down, all your Inner Imps have your best interests at heart and honestly believe they know best.

They make all these comments in an attempt to guide you to make the choices they believe are the best for you. Unfortunately, many of us have let our Inner Imps go.

Our Inner Imp Hellions are way too gobby and have no qualms strong-arming their way to the forefront of our self-talk, pushing aside of all sense of decency, honesty and bravery in pursuit of their aim. Fear has us refusing to take reasonable risks, Doubt has us constantly waiting until the likelihood of success reaches 100% (like that ever happens), Temptation has us indulging in far too many things that we KNOW aren’t good for us and Laziness… well, no need to point out where he gets it wrong.

Meanwhile, our Inner Imp Heroes lack staying power. Self-Esteem lacks confidence, Self-Discipline has become the most undisciplined member of the squad and Courage, Judgement and Honesty are conspicuous by their very absence.

Take back control of your self-talk by mastering your Inner Imps because if you can tame them, you can truly unleash your potential.

If you are ready to make some new friends who could help you turn your life around, Come and “Meet Your Inner Imps”

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