How to Change your Life From Negative to Positive

Imagine this, you decide to learn to drive a car, play a musical instrument or learn to breakdance – What? It’s a possibility! With any of these or other activities it would be necessary to make a conscious effort to purposefully engage your mind to learn new things – effectively, reprogramming your mind and through that kicking yourself off Autopilot. After a short while, this new skill, habit or routine then develops into an unconscious skill, habit or routine that you then continue to perform with little effort or conscious thought.

Just consider how much you could achieve if your switched off Autopilot and started to reform your self-talk. Purely by becoming aware of the directions your positive or negative self-talk lead you and adjusting the balance of thoughts from negative to positive, you can start to purposefully interact with situations in your life and replace negative, sub-conscious reactions with more positive and productive ones. Of course, these will then become sub-conscious and automatic again but, hopefully, as new, improved versions that are more positive, productive and therefore beneficial to the success of “Team You”.

The simple act of becoming aware of the voices (I call them Inner Imps) blathering in your head will help you to do this. Our CANDoable activities can then reinforce your awareness and control by helping you:

  • Become more aware of your daily actions and push yourself to consider more productive alternatives.
  • Wake up and stop focusing on the negative. Let’s face it, we all love a good wallow but allowing your negative self-talk to continually run amok in a mire of self-pity, anxiety and uncertainty only holds you back.
  • Find the motivation to take action. Sitting back smug in the belief that all is as fate/destiny/forces beyond your control/God (take your pick) intends it is all well and good – huge advocate of belief here – but your thoughts and, perhaps more notably, actions have to share the journey with those beliefs.
  • Focus your efforts. All too often the mountain seems insurmountable. We want to make changes for the better but the job is just SO big and/or we have no idea where to start. Mastering your self-talk can help you achieve incredible things.

Stop “settling” for a life and/or routines that don’t bring you happiness because your self-talk prevents you from resolving negative issues, or achieving your dreams, goals or the success you have the potential to experience.

If you don’t feel your life is what you signed up for because you have “settled” for less than you think you deserve, come and “Meet your Inner Imps” and do something about it.

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