How Inner Imps Make Themselves Heard

Scientists suggest we have between 12,000 and 60,000 conscious thoughts a day: that is 12,000-60,000 craaazy comments from one or another of your Inner Imps for you to process. Is it any wonder you wish your head would just shut the heck up and let you think sometimes?

Each of your Inner Imps will step up to the plate to direct and coach “Team You” as and when they feel like it (or not if they don’t – depending on their mood and past experiences). They may share their thoughts as individuals or team up with sympathetic sidekicks to gang up on you to ensure it is their messages that are heard. Unchecked, these Inner Imps cause so much confusion and negativity, it would be easy to think they are actually playing for someone else’s team.

Luckily perhaps, not all your Inner Imps talk at the same time. There is a core group in the pack that tend to put in an appearance on a regular basis though and it is this core group that are identified in Inner Imp Thinking. This core group have a great deal more to say than the rest and hold the greatest sway over the success, failure or inactivity of “Team You”.

The thoughts, emotions and, ultimately, actions these Imps provoke are often NOT the best for “Team You” as a whole. The bickering and squabbling they indulge in causes nothing but confusion and uncertainty. What is more, the more vociferous of these pesky whelps will grab your internal microphone in a nano-second if they feel their interests are in jeopardy. For many people it often seems easier to throw in the towel and put up with life’s scraps – handing life’s success trophy to somebody else in the process.

Don’t be one of those people who throw in the towel. It’s not difficult to learn how to tame their chatter and if you can master this self-talk, you can achieve success.

If you are ready to make some new friends who could help you turn your life around, Come and “Meet Your Inner Imps”

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