How Fear Influences your Life

Fear is a double-edged sword. On the one hand he saves you from making really risky, stupid decisions but, on the other, he also prevents you from taking acceptable risks that have the potential to truly benefit your life.

Below is a snapshot of the many ways, Fear helps and hinders you.

From the positive side:

  • If not for Fear, you would probably be dead – a convincing strength I would say. Fear is aroused within you by the perception of some threat to your health or well-being and therefore this Inner Imp wants to protect “Team You”.
  • Fear introduces the sobering, potentially negative side of things in context.
  • Fear voices concerns about what can go wrong, which enables you to come up with alternative plans to prevent negative consequences.
  • Fear is an ideal devil’s advocate when “Team You” is faced with potential life-changing decisions. With his “Yes, but…”, he will argue the toss for the sake of it. By pointing out all the flaws and potential pit falls at every opportunity, he forces you to reflect soberly on your ideas and ensure you consider all the negative angles rather than battling forth armed with nothing more than idealism.

BUT from the negative side:

  • Fear believes he is the ultimate authority when it comes to the well-being of “Team You” – he protects you from life-threatening consequences after all.
  • Fear is a particular vociferous whelp with a tendency to “over-react”. The louder and more often you let Fear talk, the fewer options appear available to you.
  • Fear’s “Yes, but…” will wear you down until you capitulate if your Inner Imp Heroes aren’t strong enough to keep up the counter-arguments.
  • Fear is a bully and will not hesitate to harry his fellow Inner Imps into submission, smug in his belief that his recommendations are for the best for “Team You”.
  • Fear disguises mere discomfort and anxiety with real alarm and can therefore easily stop you pursuing and achieving your dreams.
  • Fear is an out and out pessimist. His thoughts and reactions predominantly express gloom and lack of confidence about the future. He is convinced only failure and pain await your efforts and that unpleasantness ultimately prevails.
  • Fear attempts to keep “Team You” focussed on what can go wrong or what you dread and then sits back to watch these concerns grow and grow until they are so large you give up on attempting to overcome them.

If you’d like to learn more about how to tame the tittle-tattle of your Inner Fear Imp, check out some of the books and free CANDoables in the Inner Imp Thinking Series introducing Fear and all your other Inner Imps . You’ll learn how they impact your inner self-talk and therefore what you get out of life as well as how you can take better control of them.

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