Freebie CANDo Get-Up & Go-Go Goodie Bag

Hot damn but do I just love giving away CANDo get-up and go-go inspiration!
Today I’m really excited to be able to do just that with the our
FREE CANDo Get-Up & Go-Go Goodie Bag!

Life isn’t a dry run, it’s the real deal so being as YOU only get one shot at it, click below to come join us and improve your aim. You’ll get a regular dose of kick-ass, common-sense CANDoables to help you get the life you want AND receive our free goodie bag of juicy stuff to whip your get-up and go-go into action.

 YES Hook Me Up!

Here’s the go-go juice our goodie bag has on offer. You’re sure to find something in there that will fire up your enthusiasm:

Stop, Think & Discover What YOU CANDo to Get the Life you Want

Taking time to stop, think and rediscover who you are and what you want in life is the first step towards putting the pep back into your CANDo attitude’s step. Use the questions I’ve provided here to find out just where you could start looking for the life you want.

The CANDo Life Skills Revolution

Offers an overview and ideas of the key areas your life skills may well be in need of a touch of CANDo magic go-go juice.

Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

You have a Care Label, but if it’s faded to the point that it can’t be read, how can your partner, or potential partner, know how to care for you the way you want (and deserve) to be cared for? If you want to put some fizzle back into your love life, then this introduction to the guide invites you to rediscover the care instructions on your Care Label and break out of the established bad habits and routines that are sabotaging love in your life.

The Parent Pledge

The Parent Pledge is a motivator; an in-your-face, say-it-how-it-is reminder of just what being a parent is all about. Stop babysitting and start preparing your children for the real world.

Life Skills for Children
Life Lessons: Learning to Take Responsibility

A Life Skills for Children: Life Lesson that’s jam-packed with encouragement, CANDoables and examples for teaching your children how to learn to take responsibility. This guide will help you:

– Understand what taking responsibility means for you and your child.
– Come up with achievable goals.
– Follow easy, CANDoable steps for how to teach your children to take responsibility.
– Agree and stick to realistic consequences.
– Improve communication within the family.

* Each document in the Goodie Bag is a PDF. 

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