Care Label Guide Now Available

Are you getting enough sex?

Is your partner showing you enough affection?

Are you simply having problems finding Mr/Ms Right?

If you’ve the wrong answers to any of the above, then have no fear, get this outrageously funny, but true to life Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life. You can now start pepping up your lurvve life and resolving all those niggly issues that may have been holding you back.

Lay Flat & Shag Often

Lay Flat & Shag Often

If you want to put some fizzle back into your love life, then this guide’s the one for you. It’ll help you to rediscover the care instructions on your Care Label and break out of any established bad habits and routines that are sabotaging love in your life.

This Guide explains how we all have a Care Label and how, for all too many of us, it faded to the point that it can’t be read. If that’s what’s happening, how can your partner, or potential partner, know how to care for you the way you want (and deserve) to be cared for? How can you even be sure that the person you’re wanting to attract is Mr/Ms Right?

It’s well worth a read. So, go get it tiger.

The Care Lable Guide to Improving your Love Life is available on: Amazon

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