CANDo Journal – The Key to a New You

In so many of the articles and CANDoable activities I write and the Inner Imp Thinking Series of eBooks, I recommend jotting down notes, making lists of goals, writing down your feelings, etc., etc. – it’s invariably one of the first steps I suggest.

Because plotting where you are and where you want to be is such an integral part of helping you to become the best version of yourself you can be, I thought it about time I gave you the real low-down on why keeping a CANDo Journal is such a game-changer when it comes to livening up our lives.

1. Self-Reflection

If you’re going to improve your lot in life, you need to know yourself inside and out. Writing down your thoughts and feelings forces you to crystallise otherwise hazy ideas and those all too powerful “feelings” that often bugger up all our best intentions.  The self-reflection it involves pushes you to think deeper about what is important to you and perhaps tap into previously unseen areas your Inner Imp Honesty has been burying his head in the sand about.

2. Clear Goals

Your CANDo Journal should be the ideal place to write down your goals.  Be they long- or short-term, seeing them written down can often give you the little motivational push whose absence has stopped you achieving your dreams in the past.

3. Remind and Review

A journal can help you review where you a stagnating, i.e., a particularly short-term goal that constantly appears on your list and never gets done. When this happens, it can give you a heads up that your Self-Discipline Imp isn’t cracking the whip as well as he ought and pushing you to get the job done already.

4. Accountability

Accountability is key to success in life and your Inner Imp Responsibility often needs reminding that it’s his responsibility to make your life better. Writing things down can often feel like a contract with yourself and if you continually see this “contract” it makes you feel more in control of your life and acts as a small kick up the butt when you’re slacking.

5. Plan

A life without a plan is no life.

It’s so easy to just bumble through life putting up with whatever gets thrown at you and never expecting to receive anything else. Your CANDo Journal should help you plan your life so that each and every day you are achieving things, working towards your goals and living a better life than the one that is simply thrown at you.


Step 1 – Go buy a cheap journal. It can be pretty if you like or a simply, spiralbound, cardboard college notepad.


Open up a document on your PC that will become your journal… heck, you could even go so far as to set up a personal blog on the internet with each journal entry as a post – how’s that for commitment?

Step 2 – Write down a list of 5 goals.

Step 3 – Take one of those goals and write down a list of actions you need to take to achieve that goal.

Step 4 – Complete the actions.

Step 5 – Grab your CANDo Journal at least once a week and whenever else you feel the need to plan something in your life, reflect on an ability, ideas, life skills, exercise programs, healthier food options, etc.  Make your CANDo Journal the guide to your life with all the supporting characters it needs such as menu plans, ideas for activities with the kids, kick-ass affirmations to puff up your CANDo attitude when you’re feeling down, etc., within it’s pages.

Finally, I hope I’ve encouraged you to start keeping a CANDo Journal and that it will help you make giant leaps towards moulding your life into a happier and more successful one.

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