About CANDo Life Skills

This is the time for me to clarify that I write purely from my experiences, observations and a personal standpoint and NOT as a professional medic, psychologist, scholar or official guru of any kind. The purpose of CANDo Life Skills is to showcase the common sense and logic it’s easy to forget as we get caught up in our everyday lives.

In my writing for CANDo Life Skills, I have three main goals:

  • To become a better person,
  • To teach; and,
  • To make a living.

Each of these goals is important to me and has a role to play in the evolution of the CANDo Life Skills site, books, guides and online courses I produce.

Why to Become a Better Person?

This entire site has evolved as I’ve learnt how to make myself a better person. A better writer, mother, wife, cook, friend, financial wizard, life-coach, bottle-washer… yes, like you, my life requires me to be multifunctional.

The most beneficial steps forward I’ve made have been related to improving the strengths and weaknesses of my core life skills and self talk. I’ve learned how to:

  • better control my emotions to improve my relationships;
  • begin to teach my kids the valuable skills they’ll need to be responsible, independent adults with CANDo attitude in the future;
  • become consciously aware of my internal self talk to improve my self discipline and perseverance;
  • take responsibility for moulding my life into what I want it to be.

I’m constantly learning new life skills and discovering new strengths and weaknesses within me, taking advice from anyone that’s doing it better than I am and using what I discover to improve myself.

Why To Teach?

I’ve stumbled across so many simple things that have helped me experience such tremendous growth and success for myself, I want other people to enjoy the benefits too. Many of these things are so glaringly obvious it’s frightening and yet, somehow, they’ve managed to get forgotten, or shoved to one side for convenience, as the hustle and bustle of life has taken over. If CANDo Life Skills readers can rediscover the inner CANDo get-up and go-go and learn how a few, relatively simple, CANDoable things can radically improve their life, then I’ve achieved my goal.

Why To Make a Living?

I love to write and I can’t image a more rewarding career for me at this time in my life. My first love is writing fiction books where I can create characters that head off on adventures and achieve their dreams. However, with CANDo Life Skills I find my writing doubly rewarding. Why? Because it helps real people realise how much control they have to mould their own life into an adventure and achieve the things they personally aspire to.

In a nutshell, this site exists because it’s helping me become a better person, giving me the opportunity to help others become better people and allowing me to make a little money (very little) indulging myself in my love of writing.

One other point. I am also only human and therefore not perfect. I’m not the best businesswomen, partner, home-maker, writer and certainly not the best parent. My kids are not always the best behaved or the most rounded and my partner no doubt feels neglected on occasion. However, I do believe in the need for and benefits of everyday life skills. I believe they are the foundations of well-balanced, happy adults and without them we’d all be worse off.

CANDo Life Skills encompasses these essential everyday life skills. Take some, leave others. It’s up to you to choose and use what you feel is appropriate for you and those around you.