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How to Stop Waiting and Start Doing

Do you find yourself: Constantly waiting for the right moment?  Making a vow not to buy new clothes until you reach a certain weight? Waiting till the summer comes before you start a new exercise regime? We all do these things and sadly none of us should. The fact is that you really don’t need […]

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The Power of Choice

Relationships have an extraordinary knack for playing havoc with our emotions. Whether it’s an interaction with a loved one, our boss or even a complete stranger, there seems to be some unseen power with the ability to make us sad, fearful, doubtful, angry or elated: the whole gamut of emotions is there. Often we’re left […]

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Age Appropriate Consequences and Rewards 10-13 Year Olds

The most difficult thing about being a parent is having to say “No” or sit back and watch as our little darlings/terrors experience the consequences of their actions or inactions. Experiencing for themselves both the negative consequences and positive rewards that result from their behaviour, is the only way “adults in training” (our children) can […]

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Improving your Emotional Control

Our Inner Imps have a horrible habit of stirring themselves up at the drop of a hat. In all honesty, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you have no control whatsoever over your emotions because these little devils have got things wrapped around their little fingers. Fear has you afraid of the post in case […]

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Developing a So What Mentality!

There are times when we all have doubts. Our Inner Imp Fear has all his light flashing neon in a don’t-even-go-there kinda way, Doubt has a doubtful answer for any positive you can come up with and all your other Inner Imp Hellions are intent on having you stay at home, avoid making waves by […]

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