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When Life Gets Tough

When life gets tough and the winds of change blow so hard they seem likely to knock you off your feet, close your eyes, hold on to your CANDo attitude and BELIEVE!

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Why Respect Elders?

We’re hell-bent on doing it our own way these days but there’s much to be said for the “listen to your elders” saying. Respect your elders and listen to them!  Not because they have all the answers and they’re always right, but because they’ve had more experiences of being wrong than you have… Just because […]

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Practical Uses for Salt

It’s one of the staples in every kitchen cupboard and we’ve been making practical use of its amazing properties for centuries so today, let’s take a look at practical, CANDoables with salt. CANDoables Splat went the egg on the floor!  Irritating enough by itself but then it’s all slippery and slimy to clean up afterwards […]

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Teaching your Kids Skills for Living

Parents these days are apt to shove the responsibility for teaching their children essential life skills onto the schools.  This attitude is causing a huge gap in their education meaning too many children are growing up unable to function as responsible and effective adults. We need to get in touch with our Inner Imp Honesty […]

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Practical Uses for a Lemon

They’re so versatile, there really is no excuse for not having them on your shopping list. Bursting with citric acid, the juice of lemons has a low pH, great natural antibacterial properties and is a perfect natural whitener, making it top of the natural cleaners.   As part of our Practical Uses CANDoables Series, let’s […]

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