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Excuses Don’t Justify Behaviour

It’s not my fault! I had a bad childhood! I tried but it was too difficult! These are the catch-all excuses that are stopping YOU achieving your dreams.  You may like to think of them as reasons but, in reality, they’re nothing more than EXCUSES and you need to stop making them. By understanding a […]

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8 Quick CANDoables to Boost Self Confidence

At its most extreme, having confidence in what you’re doing is the difference between pooing a brick and feeling invincible but I hasten to repeat, that is at its most extreme! For the majority, having confidence in what they are doing is the difference between having Inner Imps such as Doubt and Fear who are […]

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How to Boost Confidence and Self Esteem

Boosting your Inner Imp Self Esteem is all about training the mind to think the right way – the positive, I CANDo-it kinda way. Everyone is lucky enough to be given a healthy Self Esteem at birth.  When you were born, you had no fear about what the future held for you, failure just wasn’t […]

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Benefits of Good Self Esteem

Do you believe in yourself? Do you feel good about who you are as a person? If you do, the chances are you have a good, healthy self-esteem. If not, it may be time to look at ways to give your Inner Imp Self Esteem a bit of a boost. Why? Because if this Inner […]

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