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How to Listen to your Wife

At the heart of every relationship, you’ve just gotta have communication. The tricky part is, for both men and women, the primary purpose of communication is different. Men talk primarily to find solutions. Women talk primarily to explore their feelings and connect with others. Because we communicate in such different ways, we often make HUMONGOUS […]

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Domestic Bliss in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

To say that times have changed is a total understatement when you take a look at the family unit today – it’s unrecognisable. BEFORE – Women traditionally stayed at home. They were nothing short of 100% domestic goddesses. Cooking, cleaning, organising the family life and raising the children. Men were met at home with a […]

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5 Tips for Keeping your Relationship Alive

Relationships take work. Just because you’ve been seeing each other a while, are already living together, married or even (argh!) have children, doesn’t change this. It’s little things in a relationship that make all the difference. Just a few simple things, could really help you get your shizzle together. Tip 1 When one partner is […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – Z is for Zzzzzzz

Sleep! We spend the first half of their lives when they are babies and young children wishing they’d do more of it. Then they hit the pre teen and teenage years and you wish they’d do less. The truth of the matter is that sleep is important to everyone – both adult and child. Here […]

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Non-Allergenic Parent in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

A large proportion of couples get together with the intention of founding a family (although let’s be fair here, not all). We start out taking care first of each other and then going on to have children and care for the needs and development of those children. Common sense tells us – along with a […]

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Commit 3 Random Acts of Kindness to Improve your Love Life

Once you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into the trap of just toddling along with life. We slip into routines, bad habits, forgetting the little niceties that make a difference. Give your relationship a boost this week. Every day, commit 3 random acts of kindness for your partner. This could be anything but […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – Y is for Y Me? Y Not?

When things go wrong in life, it’s easy to sit and cry woefully “Why Me?” Our answer, “Well Why Not?” Why should you always have it good? Why should bad things only ever happen to others?  The point is, crap happens to everyone and it’s how you deal with it that makes you stand out […]

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10 Conversation Tips for Partners

Yep! We women just lurve to talk. There’s no denying it and who the heck would want to anyway. Whereas for men, talking is usually a means to an end, conversation is the way many women connect emotionally with their partners. It’s a way they can express their deepest feelings and inner emotions – maybe […]

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Effective Communication in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

Men and women speak different languages. That is to say, they use the same words, but how the brains of men and women process these words is completely at odds with the other. Women have a penchant for very emotional language “you never do this” or “Why can’t you ever do that?” They tend to […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – X is for Xtra Curricular Activitites

Children shouldn’t stop learning when they come home from school. Many however, do. Technology has all but killed participation in extra curricular activities for children. They now walk straight out of school only to spend hours glued to their mobile, computer or the latest video games. As parents, we need to remind ourselves of the […]

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