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Buddy Required in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

When you first started dating your partner, the chances are you quickly became friends and companions. You probably spent plenty of time together. In fact, you probably started to spend as much time together as you could. You did things you both enjoyed such as bowling, eating out, playing tennis, etc. You probably even did […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – R is for Respect

We often hear people lamenting the fact that children lack respect today. Let’s face it, often they’re not wrong. The problem is that often adults don’t show respect either, which is shameful considering that respecting each other is one of the few things in life that’s free but impacts so hugely on everyone’s lives. Being […]

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Take Responsibility by Sweating the Small Stuff

Sweating the small stuff is what makes all the difference when it comes to taking responsibility and being accountable for our actions. Whether it’s bothering to walk that extra ten paces to put the rubbish in the bin; take an extra five to find a proper parking space rather than double-park; make the effort to […]

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Affection in the Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

A Little Affection Goes a Long Way Affection is all about showing you care. It’s a little touch, an affectionate hug, look or word that demonstrates caring not just in a love relationship but, in any interaction you have be it with friends, your children, your parents or work colleagues. When we’re affectionate, we’re saying […]

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Are You Happy?

IT’S YOUR LIFE! Does it make you happy or would you be happier if your life were different? Different job, house, car, partner that did this or that for you! Ask yourself seriously, do you go through life looking for opportunities to improve things; looking for small things that make you happy? Or have you […]

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Age Appropriate Chores for Children

Since writing the Goal Setting for Children article, I’ve been inundated with CANDo emails asking about what are suitable, age appropriate household activities for children. Here goes… When parent’s first decide to involve their children in household chores, the stumbling block often comes in deciding what are appropriate activities to put on their list. I’ll […]

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5 Maintenance Tips for Improving your Love Life

If you’re in a relationship then you’re probably already more than aware it comes with ups and downs. What you had with your partner when you first met; before you started living together, got married or had children, is likely to bear little resemblance to the life you are actually living now. You can cry […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – Q is for Quiet Time

When it comes to developing life skills, there’s always a lot of talk about do this, do that, achieve this, reach that goal, etc. but, strangely, very little is said about the importance of being still and learning how to quieten the mind. Modern life is frenetic. Adults and children alike are bombarded with information […]

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Care Label Guide to Improving your Love Life

Maybe this is a bit simplistic, but hey… I’m a simple kinda girl. The way I see it is this. Everyone comes with a “care label”. Just like that nifty new suit you wear to the office, your fav footy team kit or your brand new (copy)Kate Alexander McQueen outfit – they all proudly display […]

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Life Skills for Children A-Z – P is for People Skills

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to get on with others. It will impact on every aspect of their lives whether at school, at the park, in the home they are going to have to interact with other people. They need to learn how to develop people skills […]

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